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How To Make Effective Collection Calls

Robert Tarantola / February 7, 2018

Prepare yourself to get paid! Today I am going to share a few secrets with you yes secrets to get paid faster if you do this and do lots of collection calls how to make your collection calls right and make them more effective what to say during the collection call and what not and many more questions like this.

Confidence is a key first and foremost be aware of your body language a message is communicated to the deceiver by words the way the words are spoken and body language so setup while making your collection calls doing so helps your voice come across more authoritative and will assist you in getting the customer to feel the sense of urgency let me explain it to you through an example stand up so the air passage is open and to say good morning or sit down and relax into your couch so that your shoulders and your chin is relaxed and then say good morning can you hear the difference yes that’s it if you give a customer more time to pay they will definitely take it you have to make sure they understand the urgency instill sense of urgency through your body language.

Following up after sending products or providing services or before the invoice payment date arrives definitely helps in avoiding non-payment and keep the personal connection with your customer that’s very important ask if if they need anything else everything was satisfactory or if the invoice including the payment due date is accurate or if they have any other questions proactive this is the approach that you need to adopt.

Research first and prepare responses in advance so whenever you have a call ahead of that you should know what you will need for example customer contact information in most details supporting documentation for example proof of delivery purchase order details of the delivery of services notes from the previous contact if there was any about this invoices customer account status there is something often collectors miss open invoice details pass them in history etc so I’m not sure you should have a goal for that you should be prepared so set up a goal for your first call and then prepare yourself accordingly to meet that goal.

So in the first very initial call you should be able to communicate who you are what company you’re calling from which invoices you’re calling about the amount and the date it was due have they received these invoices this is very important question when are the schedule to pay those and wishes name and the title of the person you’re speaking with these are few information you should communicate in the first call for sure.

Make sure you take very careful notes record every point of your conversation when you start having discussion with your customer such as time and date of the call promises made by a customer planned payment dates any actions which are required, keep a log of your calls and you when you do call and home did you call what did you agree all these things I’ll suggest keeping these notes organized is very important and specific AR management software’s can keep you organized by many things other than this the points that I told you so that can help you so utilize them to use them.

When ever you go for the for the voicemail it often happens that you try to communicate and the person is not available, what goes into the perfect voicemail is who you are what company you’re calling from what invoice you’re calling about ask them to take specific actions that’s very important and leave your name and number at the end but important thing is repeat slowly very slowly so that it should be easily understood.

Initial collection calls should aim to confirm the debt has been paid not so as not to alienate or otherwise good customers the unpaid invoice may be a miscommunication and not a collection issue at all so you want to be very careful another member of your sales staff could have made a promise that they didn’t make the product they have been shaped incorrectly or the English was not sent or received saying something like this hi I notice you are behind the same movies was there any problem with it get the client to start talking and have that clean piece of paper so that you can scribble your notes very well so don’t don’t jump right away to the conclusions that they are not paying at all or stuff like that let them speak.

Ask why you have not been paid show understanding and sympathize with your customers convince them that they have an obligation to pay you really the amount they owe and the date it was cue and remind them of any promises they have made in best, propose a specific payment action be realistic given that what you are learned from the previous experience be in control of the conversation do not ask them how much they can pay and when.

It remain professional at all times be nice but in control the tone of your voice can affect the way conversation may go if you are positive and cheery the person you’re calling definitely will respond back better treat them as customer services calls not collection calls as you don’t want to lose your customers so develop long-term business relationships with your customers they will be less likely to delay your payments if you are on friendly terms be flexible but firm if necessary work with your customers to establish a repayment schedule but be formed in holding your customer accountable to meet their financial obligations be persistent as well often a customer will pay the invoice for no other reason than to stop receiving your calls and reminders.

If questions are your mo in the call for the payment then be prepared to employ questions that will produce the most productive answers your questions must always be framed to create imogen see use your questions to reveal the consequences of your customers not paying it’s also a great way to get customers to verify that there will be pain you remind and reaffirm them their obligations and confirm they will pay and masters all the issues.

Confirm that the data a summary of what was agreed on the phone including these items before ending the calls how the payment will be made when the payment will be made if there is any dispute who will do what in that regard if there are any documents which I required a missing who and when this will be provided by in specific areas I will prefer to document your efforts for example many things your meetings etc.

Ask because you’re a business, not a bank.