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22 Things Every Internet Marketer Should Learn or Already Know

Robert Tarantola / January 19, 2018

1. Content is King

Know every word that appears on your site. Whether you write your own stuff or outsource, your totally responsible for every thing that appears, so make sure it’s exactly what you want at all times

2. Two Key Things

There are only two key things to learn to be successful online:

  1. How to Get Traffic
  2. How to Convert Traffic into Buyers

3. Every Page has a purpose

Always be sure every page on your website has a definite purpose. Whether it’s to collect a name and email or contact, send to a sales page, or deliver quality content, or answer a users question

4. What is your website about

Make sure your visitors knows what your website is all about within 5 seconds.

5. Keep it Consistent

Make sure your content stays fresh and consistent with your social account. If someone is familiar with your website and finds your YouTube channel or Facebook page, they should immediately recognise your brand

6. Make your website easy to navigate

WordPress makes life pretty easy. You should consider using WordPress for your website if you’re not already using it.

7. Link internal pages

Link your site to itself. If you link to a lot of pages, it can be useful for your reader providing an easy way to get where they want to go

8. Interact with your Readers

There are lots of ways to stay in touch with your readers such as comments or Facebook or YouTube, engaging with your readers keeps them interested and keeps you interesting.

9. Use a Premium theme

If you can find a free theme that does everything you need, then that’s great, but Premium themes often provide added functionality

10. Update regularly

Update your content on a regular basis, people won’t come back to visit if there’s nothing new for them to consume

11. Work on your credibility

your credibility online is everything. Always know what your talking about and people will believe you when it comes time to recommending products and services.

12. Make lots of friends

Comment threads on forums work very well. Take your time and be a worthy friend by being helpful to others and you’ll get the same in return. Don’t just say “great article”, comment when you have something useful and insightful to add.

13. Use an avatar or Gravatar in WordPress

Gravatars are easy to set up and they appear automatically when you post comments. Gravatars can follow you from site to site and frequent readers will recognise your avatar before they recognise your name.

14. Stay Positive!

It’s easy to be misunderstood even when you mean well. It’s difficult enough to write what you really think and sometimes the written word sounds different then how you really feel when you write it. It rarely improves in the translation so stay positive

15. Give away useful links

Give back to people who have helped you succeed and others will do the same for you. Consider promoting other blogs of people in your niche on your own blog. Give away a free link to those blogs that helped you and just give back and others will do the same for you.

16. Keep Ads Relevant

Keep the number of ads you display to a bare minimum.
Too many ads can ruin an otherwise pleasant web experience. The number of ads on a single web page seem to overpower the content. Keep your ads relevant too.

17. Create your success plan

Figure out your own long term earning plan. It takes thousands of daily visitors to earn decent money with just adsense. Best to figure a way to monetize more effectively. Keep it realistic and never, ever give up!

18. You MUST work hard

Decide that you’re ready and willing to work hard for what you want, and then do it. There’s no easy button, and you’ll get out precisely what you put in. Your power lies in your ability to take action… So, just how powerful are you?

19. Don’t be afraid to try

Don’t be discouraged by competition. If there is no competition, there is probably no money in it either. You have to embrace your competiton and then do better than them. It is a certainty that if your chosen niche is profitable, there will be many others already in there making money. If there isn’t anyone around, the money probably isn’t there either.

20. Think Big

Think bigger not smaller. You’ll have lots and lots of ideas about the possibilities online, some will be bigger and better ideas, and others will be smaller and less profitable. When it comes to working online, bigger is better. Between a small idea and a big idea, when it comes to online marketing, bigger is better.

21. Price Yourself Correctly

Stay competitive, don’t sell yourself short and become a bargain basement advertiser.

22. You Are Better Than You Think You Are

You very likely already have what it takes to make a living online. believe it or not, someone out there is looking for someone exactly like you to help them, because they need your knowledge and specific communication skills and style to really understand how to solve their specific problem.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, and it doesn’t address every single marketers issues, but it’s a good list that every marketer should at least have a grasp on. It also serves as a good starting point to begin thinking about how you’re going to achieve online success.